Our Guarantee

Our furniture is guaranteed for 2 years.

Pure Wood Furniture Guarantee & Product Information

  • Pure Wood Furniture gives all customers a 2 year quality guarantee covering materials and workmanship.
  • Within the first week of receiving your furniture, please be certain to wax or clean as indicated in our care guide.
  • We suggest using: Woodoc Antique Wax.

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Unacceptable Defects covered by our Guarantee

From time to time there may be a situation where an unacceptable defect may occur. These unacceptable defects will be covered under our guarantee and the furniture items will either be repaired or replaced depending on the extent of the defect. These include:

  • Cracking – A crack that appears in the wood more than 4mm wide and opening up through the piece of wood (you can see light) is covered by guarantee. The component will be either repaired or replaced.
  • Broken Components – If the furniture is used as it is intended and any component breaks during normal use it will be fully covered. The component will be replaced.
  • Corrosion and Breakage of Attachments and Fasteners – All fasteners and attachments used, such as hinges and bolts are corrosion resistant. If they do rust or break under normal use they fall under our guarantee. The attachment or fastener and any damaged components will be replaced.
  • Major Warping and Bending – If the wood warps or bends drastically (more than 5mm per one metre of length) it falls under our guarantee and the component will be either repaired or replaced.


Pure Wood Furniture does not guarantee products against colour running, colour change, or absorption by the wood over time especially for customers that request stains, colours or special finishes to be used on the wood. Leaching of natural oxides and tannins particularly in outdoor applications can occur. Please protect vulnerable surfaces.

Pure Wood Furniture will not be held liable for any degradation, damages or injuries that occur with furniture not maintained or used as it was intended.

Any customer modifications (of any nature) to the product will negate this guarantee.

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